Prototype of my card game: Ingenuity

Got twenty prototypes of my new card game in the mail.  Hurrah.  It's fun, I think!

Teams draw one card from each of three decks (Product, Angle, Market), and have limited time to invent entirely new (and outrageous) product ideas according to a set of wacky constraints.

As the instructions say: "If you have to choose between creative and rational, go with creative every time."

The teams then take it in turns to pitch their crazy new products (as if they were actually commercially viable ideas) in 30 seconds or less to the other groups.



I wrote a crossword

I'm into writing crosswords, and here is one. Solve it; that would make me happy!

It's New York Times style (sort of) which means: (1) clues aren't cryptic, (2) proper names are ok, (3) answers may contain more than one word, and (4) there are theme answers.

Joint credit for the theme for this one (especially the bit with the circles) goes to Michael Vincent.